Kingman has recently upgraded all their systems installing all vehicles with tom tom units and upgrading theirtracking software to state of the art Tom Tom Webfleet this will make our system processes alot easier due to the amount of functionalty within the system showing when Vehicles are fueled up to when there is a defect with a vehicle, all instantly over the air.

Included in this is an accident reporting system where if the driver does unfortunatly be involved in an incident they can use the tom tom device to send photos back to the office and also do a accident report form on scene, this is included in the online defect app system which drivers use daily to report there vehicles condition.

The system also take the use of phones or radios away from the driver with a system that the office can send jobs to the vehicles unit and when the driver delivers can click delivered and then will notify the office ready for their next load, with predifined messages set on the unit this also takes typing out of the equasion improving drivers and road safety.