As a FORS Gold member, we are always looking to make advances in safety within our operations and within our industry in general. After seeking new and alternative options to regular tipping trailers within our industry, Kingman services have recently, decided after a year of trials, to invest in two brand new walking floor trailers. Working in partnership with Martrans Trailers, we have been able to purchase these trailers with all the latest safety features required to work within a busy city centre such as London. These include the following: left turn audible side warnings, full length Side Scan Sensors, additional safety warning lighting, a complete top-body cover-sheeting system as well as on-board self-weighing technology.

Our plan for the future is to put a replacement schedule in place and have all our trailers replaced with these new walking floor trailers within the next 5 years. Hopefully, these will lead to new safety measures being implemented on sites within our industry (especially within the London area) and prevent the likelihood of any further vehicles overturning on site when tipping.